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Sr. Developer - BigData

  • Plan, create, coordinate, and deploy data warehouses. 

  • Design end user interface. 

  • Create best practices for data loading and extraction. 

  • Develop data architecture, data modeling, and ETFL mapping solutions within a structured data warehouse environment. 

  • Develop reporting applications and data warehouse consistency. 

  • Facilitate requirements gathering using expert listening skills and develop unique simple solutions to meet the immediate and long-term needs of business customers. 

  • Supervise design throughout implementation process. 

  • Design and build cubes while performing custom scripts. 

  • Develop and implement ETL routines according to the DWH design and architecture. 

  • Support the development and validation required through the lifecycle of the DWH and Business Intelligence systems, maintain user connectivity, and provide adequate security for data warehouse. 

  • Monitor

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