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Setup Big Data Governance for a Healthcare customer

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

A leading Healthcare firm wanted to gain an information advantage over the competition, the customer realized the need for Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence skills. The customer wanted to improve their existing data governance procedure so that these analytics teams may develop as quickly and efficiently as feasible.

This approach would ensure that analytic data is reliable, consistent, and accurate, allowing analytics teams to spend their efforts entirely on issue solution rather than data cleansing.

The Solution

It was suggested that a corporate data governance group be formed. All data components from several LOB’s would be included in the group, which would be able to discuss the level of data quality and make improvements. The following phases comprised the engagement:

Forming a Data Governance team:

  • Form the data governance team with a representative from each department and also identify the Data Steward to monitor the data

  • Identify the key domain constituents

Governance – What and How

  • Identified and recorded critical business data elements (CDE) and their downstream usage.

  • Assisted the Governance team in ranking data quality fields based on business value and effort

  • Developed a consistent and repeatable method for reporting, mitigating, and resolving data problems

Governance – Maturity

  • To check the quality of governed data, dashboards and profiling methods were created.

  • Business and IT collaborated to develop responsibility and accountability


  • Reduce the amount of time analysts spend validating or challenging the data's veracity.

  • When a data problem emerges, have a clear point of contact, a procedure for resolving it, and a deadline for resolving it.

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